About Us - Bios

Troy Larson

Ever since childhood, Troy has always been intriguied with the magic behind the creation of special effects. Dick Smith, Rick Baker, and Stan Winston were heroes to him. Around 2003, Troy decided to try his hand at latex mask creation for a friends' fan film. The project never went anywhere, but thus began his experience making practical effects. A chance introduction to an effects artist who had recently moved from Los Angeles, go thim started doing foam latex prosthetics and makeup application for a local haunted house. This led to opportunities to build makeup and dental appliances, props and creature suits for local films. Eventually, Troy decided to branch out on his own, build a small workshop on his property in Utah, and create a creature production business. [ IMDB ]

Shane Jenkins

Shane is a model-builder and machinist at heart, which propelled his love for creating realistic and accurate prop replicas. As a child, he built his own props and toys from some of his favorite movies, like Ghostbusters. His attention to detail is unsupassed, which lends itself to highly accurate mechanics and props.

Jared Yelton

Jared has been a computer programmer and electronics hobbyist for years. His interest in movies and sci-fi led to him designing lighting and pneumatic effects for props and local haunted houses. He is involved in all types of media creation, programming for mechanical effects, and circuit design.

Dave Strebel

Dave is an accomplished sculptor and makeup artist and has worked in the film industry for over ten years. He specializes in macquette design, special makeup effects prosthetic creation, and mold-making. [ IMDB ]

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